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Helicopter Charter Service in Kathmandu, Nepal – Booking, Price

Helicopter Charter Service in Kathmandu, Nepal - Booking, Price

Helicopter Charter Service in Kathmandu, Nepal is the next most popular service because it is more easy book with us. We are providing helicopter service from a long time therefore we are reliable and you can trust us . You may contact by email however a phone call 9851117417 (Mobile/Whatsapp/Viber) will be best if you need to Helicopter service in Kathmandu.

We are based in Kathmandu so we operate helicopter charter flight from Kathmandu by connecting with all destination in Nepal. Helicopter flight is the fastest means of transport service so that you can book the Helicopter Service for the purpose of rescue, transportation of people, cargo, tourism flight, medical transport, news and media, marriage, film shooting similarly sightseeing experience and more. Helicopter flights is the means of transport to reach in the remote area with in a short period so; you can our service for medical rescue purpose or any emergency purpose.

In additional the helicopter tour is use for holiday tour like Mount Everest Tour, Gosaikunda Lake Tour, Pilgrimage Tour, Muktinath Darshan, Pathivara Darshan etcs.

Helicopter Booking in Nepal

Helicopter Charter Cost

The helicopter charter price starts from NPR 75000 but the price depends on your to and from the destination with flight timing hours. Above all we assure to provide a flexible service at low price with choice of helicopters available.

How to book Helicopter in Kathmandu?

It is very easy to book helicopter in Kathmandu on charter just call 9851117417 (Mobile / Whatsapp / Viber) or send email. We provide the service at a short notice.

Helicopter Charter Booking Kathmandu Contact Phone Number 9851117417

Helicopter Fleet

  • AS350B3E
  • AS350FX II
  • AS350BA
  • BELL 407GXP

How may people can seat in a helicopter?

Maximum 5 people can seat in the Helicopter.
Helicopter Charter Service Kathmandu

Helicopter Charter in Kathmandu

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