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Varanasi to Kathmandu Flights

Varanasi to Kathmandu Flights

There is non stop flight from Vanarasi to Kathmandu Flight and Kathmandu to Vanarasi Flight. Buddha Air has just operated the flight between Kathmandu and Vanarasi. There is two weekly flight from Kathmandu to Vanarasi and Vise Versa.

Flight Fare

Kathmandu to Vanarasi FlightYNPR 17351INR 11551US$ 185
Kathmandu to Vanarasi FlightBNPR 12183INR 83210
Kathmandu to Vanarasi FlightDNPR 10279INR 71300
Vanarasi to Kathmandu FlightYNPR 17962INR 11227US$ 177
Vanarasi to Kathmandu FlightBNPR 12794INR 79970
Vanarasi to Kathmandu FlightDNPR 10890INR 68070
Vanarasi to Kathmandu FlightCNPR 9890INR 61820

Flight Schedule

SectorFlight No.Flight TimeArrival Time
Kathmandu to Vanarasi Flight (MON & FRI)U4 16117:5518:00
Vanarasi to Kathmandu Flight (MON & FRI)U4 16218:2019:05

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