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Four Narayan Temple Visit Kathmandu

Four Narayan Temple Visit Kathmandu

We can find Narayan Temples in Kathmandu Valley. The major four Narayan Temples are Sheshnarayan, Icchangu Narayan, Bishanku Narayan and Changu Narayan. The temples are ancient Hindu temple complex find in different location of Kathmandu. You can hire vehicle to visit these four Narayan Temple in Nepal. Car, Jeep, Hiace and Bus are the best vehicle to rent as per the group size.

Four Narayan Temple in Kathmandu.

  1. Sheshnarayan,
  2. Icchangu Narayan,
  3. Bishanku Narayan and
  4. Changu Narayan

Vehicle Rental price to visit Four Narayan Temple in Kathmandu:

NPR3 Seater
NPR7 Seater
NPR14 Seater
NPR35 Seater

Google Map – Four Narayan Temple Visit Kathmandu