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Kathmandu to Janakpur Car Rental (Jeep, Van, Bus Hire)

Kathmandu to Janakpur Car Rental, Jeep, Van, Bus Hire

Kathmandu to Janakpur Car Rental takes about 6 hours drive. You can rent Car, Jeep, Van, Bus to travel Kathmandu to Janakpur for holiday tour, business works or personal works. The main attraction in Janakpur is Ram Janaki Temple however there are various important places to visit. The benefit of  renting a vehicle from Kathmandu to Janakpur offer amazing country site view.

If you have very limited time and want to visit Janakpur then you can do day tour but you will travel on very tight timeline. Moreover, you need 18 hours for Day tour in Janakpur if you are travelling from Kathmandu and back to Kathmandu. Janakpur is also called Janakpur Dham.

Kathmandu to Janakpur Vehicle Rental Price

Duration:  1 Day

  • Npr. 14000 – Car (3 Persons)
  • Npr. 21000 – Jeep (7 Persons)
  • Npr. 28000 – Van/Hiace (14 Persons)
  • Npr. 49000 – Big Bus (35 Persons)

Duration: 1 Night & 2 Days

  • Npr. 17500 – Car (3 Persons)
  • Npr. 26250 – Jeep (7 Persons)
  • Npr. 35000 – Van/Hiace (14 Persons)
  • Npr. 61250 – Big Bus (35 Persons)

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About Janakpurdham:

Janakpurdham lies in the southern Nepal and refers to as the maternal home of Sita who got married to Rama Chandra of Ayodhya (India). Since Janakpur is the birthplace of Sita, it is a cultural heritage city having a glorious history of Nepal. Janakpurdham is an important destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.

The Janaki Temple is the holy place for the Hindus. Thousands of pilgrims come to visit this temple daily built in medieval Mughal style. Now the state government is intensifying the temple’s beauty by scattering attractive lime lights.

Janakpurdham is a historical, religious and archaeological city. There are various temples including Janaki Temple, Ram Temple, Janak Temple and Shiva Temple. As the Kathmandu Valley is called the city of temples and idols, Janakpurdham is also no less than Kathmandu.

Another attraction of Janakpurdham is the lakes here. Ponds now have been made more attractive for their great religious importance.

The Ganga Aarati, which is held every evening, is another highlight of Janakpurdham. Like the Aarati performance in Pashupatinath in Kathmandu, there is Ganga Aarati performance every evening beside the Ganga Sagar Lake.

Apart from religious and historical sites, another attraction of Janakpurdham is the interest of trains by the local tourists. The train station, which is becoming a big hit, is attracting people from all over the country. Those returning from Janakpurdham have taken lots of images (selfie) on the train and posted on their Facebook.

Another importance of Janakpur is the fish. The fish of Janakpur has gained fame throughout the country. Those who visit Janakpurdham should try the fried fish available in the local market. In addition to this, fishery can also be a mean to attract more internal tourists to Janakpur.

Janakpurdham is the present capital city of province no. 2. Its declaration as the capital of the state has increased the public movement in Janakpurdham from different districts.

Before its recognition as the capital of the state, religious tourists were the major visitors coming from this country. Since becoming the capital of the state, its beauty has increased even further.

How to get to Janakpurdham?

It is not difficult to reach Janakpurdham for those who wish to visit the historical town of the country. Janakpurdham is reachable with a walk/drive of 3 km approximately towards south of Dhalkebar on the East-West highway.

There are ample facilities of nice hotels within the sub-metropolis area for tourists who prefer to spend a night in Jankapur. Janakpurdham is well-connected by road and air network with Kathmandu.

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