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Kathmandu to Janakpur Car Rental (Jeep, Van, Bus Hire)

Kathmandu to Janakpur Car Rental, Jeep, Van, Bus Hire

Kathmandu to Janakpur Car Rental takes about 6 hours drive. You can rent Car, Jeep, Van, Bus to travel Kathmandu to Janakpur for holiday tour, business works or personal works. The main attraction in Janakpur is Ram Janaki Temple however there are various important places to visit. The benefit of  renting a vehicle from Kathmandu to Janakpur offer amazing country site view.

If you have very limited time and want to visit Janakpur then you can do day tour but you will travel on very tight timeline. Moreover, you need 18 hours for Day tour in Janakpur if you are travelling from Kathmandu and back to Kathmandu.

Kathmandu to Janakpur Vehicle Rental Price

Duration:  1 Day

  • Npr. 14000 – Car (3 Persons)
  • Npr. 21000 – Jeep (7 Persons)
  • Npr. 28000 – Van/Hiace (14 Persons)
  • Npr. 49000 – Big Bus (35 Persons)

Duration: 1 Night & 2 Days

  • Npr. 17500 – Car (3 Persons)
  • Npr. 26250 – Jeep (7 Persons)
  • Npr. 35000 – Van/Hiace (14 Persons)
  • Npr. 61250 – Big Bus (35 Persons)

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